The Vampire Diaries: The House Guest

The House Guest- Stefan, Elena, DamonNow out of the tomb, everyone is expecting Katherine to be stirring up trouble. No one expected her to be helpful though. Even when she makes an effort, everyone is still on their guard, given so many reasons not to trust her. As much as they hate to admit it, they may need Katherine. She’s the oldest of them and knows the history of Mystic Falls. She was chased and hunted by Klaus. She knows exactly what they’re up against. After all she is still around to tell the tale.

Bonnie approaches Luka and his father on behalf of Elena. They now know that they were working with Elijah in a deal to get Luka’s sister back. They seem to have made peace, but no one really knows who to trust. Sometimes the loss of a loved one can make you do things you would never do otherwise. Things are quickly turned upside down and the old doppelgänger trick is their only hope from walking away alive.

Even though the show is never short on villains, especially with all of Damon’s enemies and now Elena being the prize to freedom and reward for so many in fear of Klaus, the writers are wise to keep Katherine around. She is thrilling, seductive, clever, fierce, unpredictable….the list goes on and on. She was somewhat different in the books, but I think the show has surpassed that material. Elena is better in the books, but Katherine is better in the TV series. She’s the character that Dobrev truly shines through. Given the history and the darkness in her without being completely defined by that darkness, she always triggers interesting material.

The House Guest

After repeatedly turning her back on Damon, he gives Katherine a little taste of what it feels like. It’s a very small touch, but he makes her believe he is giving in to her bored seduction towards him. He then shuts her out and treats her like she’s nothing but an annoyance to him. It showed us a Damon that’s stronger than her.

Caroline and Matt have an affectionate reunion. Of course, this is cut short when The Grill is taken under attack. Elena and her friends are targeted, which means Caroline, and Matt for trying to protect her. His throat is brutally slashed, clearly not far away from death. After finally getting him back, Caroline can’t take the thought of losing him again, for good this time. She makes a rash decision and gives him her blood. He drinks it on instinct. Matt is healed, but his reaction when he comes around is a whole other thing.

The House Guest

Matt looks at Caroline like she is a monster. Caroline desperately tries to get him to understand. Knowing her secret could solve all their problems and let them be together. All Matt can think about is his dead sister, Vicki. She went on about vampires, but he assumed she was coming back from another bad trip. He’s terrified, angry, hurt, and frantic. Not a good combination when the reasoning for this is vampires. He’s connecting deaths to them. Caroline is completely innocent in this case, but not in others. This could stir up something far worse for all supernatural creatures of Mystic Falls.

Speaking of the past stirring up, Isobel arrives at Elena’s door, which Jenna answers. Jenna and Alaric broke up because of Isobel and the secrets she feared Alaric was keeping from her. Now his dead wife and her niece’s birth mother is standing before her. Isobel being there surely signifies future trouble, but this might transcend in to many things. Of course, The CW clearly likes teasing its fans. After one long break, they hit us with exciting and compelling material for a few episodes, ended with a cliffhanger, and then left us waiting another month to find out what happens. Once you catch VD viewers only crave continued doses more.

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

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