Recent photoshoots

Mental Health Series

Photography By: Lily Sasha Idle

MUA: Miranda Riddle

Part I: Pill-Up Girl

Part II: Inner Demons

Part III: Becoming the Joker: A Descent in to Madness

Roaring 20’s

Photography By: Others Photography, FG Photography, MalPhotoz

MUA: Kelsey Zukowski

Hair: Maria Mors

Post- Apocalyptic/ Home Invasion

Photography By: Urban Riot Productions

“He made my own home something to fear. No longer a safe haven’t that separated me from the evils of the world. It would forever hold the haunting of this night. Perhaps I was living in fear, shelled away from society for too long. Sometimes it takes true horror to trigger true strength. I was scared, but also fueled with a tsunami of rage and relentless. It was the time for fight and flight, and I wasn’t going anywhere just yet.”- written by Kelsey Zukowski

Blood & Shadows

Photography By: Sean Laine Photo

MUA: Jaxx Marr

Halloween: Revenge of the Final Girl

Michael Myers Actor: Jamie Avera
Make- Up Artist: Miranda Riddle
Photographer: Bryan Carpender Photography
Mask By: Trick or Treat Studios
Set/ Backdrops By: Plague Productions

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

Recent Photos

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