True Blood: Night on the Sun

Night on the Sun- Sookie and BillIn Night on the Sun Sookie, just awoken thanks to Bill’s blood, ends things with her and Bill. There’s too much for her to forgive. Bill knows she will never have the normal life that she desires with him. Those around her are far more enraged by Bill’s actions than Sookie is. Tara only sees Franklin and the essential mental and physical torture he put her through when she sees Bill. Jason also feels that there is no room for forgiveness and even tries to get Bill arrested…or killed. Jason panics when Andy insists against this in hopes of keeping Jason’s last murder buried. Sookie begins to pick up on their thoughts and realizes Jason has been hiding something from her.

I’m really pleased with how the Jason-Crystal storyline is developing. Crystal has so much tragedy and fear within her, yet Jason seems to bring out a simpler, more carefree side to her. Crystal is a bit smarter than Jason (I know, who isn’t?). She doesn’t really let their romantic bliss keep her from being somewhat realistic. Lindsay Pulsipher brings out a subtle charm in Crystal. I was only so-so on her in the books. Probably because Sookie was never really the biggest fan of her and we see her through Sookie’s perspective. This season we have some really great additions to the cast. Both Crystal and Alcide I have a far greater connection to in the TV series than I ever did in the books. Plus Pulispher and Ryan Kwanten really give us some great chemistry.

Night on the Sun- Jason and Crystal

Speaking of chemistry, I was thrilled that Jesus made another appearance. Sure, it was to retrieve Lafayette’s mother who escaped from the home, but after the way things were left between them I was glad to see him around again. Plus, Jesus and Lafayette are completely adorable together. Lafayette has never really been given even any possible romantic interests while just about every other character has so it’s good to see more concentration on him and to see him in a fresh situation.

One couple I wasn’t so thrilled with was Sookie and Bill. I was happy when Sookie ended things, but considering the raw and steamy sex scene between the two that ended the episode, they’re clearly not over. I’m just hoping there’s a chance this was a momentary thing and they won’t get back together. Especially considering how close Alcide and Sookie became. They’re actually building their relationship farther than I thought they would since in the books there is always sexual tension there, but it doesn’t go too far beyond that. I’m not Bill’s biggest fan, but my resistance to them being together isn’t solely based on that. Something is bound to happen either with Alcide or Eric and I would love to see where that could go.

Night on the Sun- Jessica and Bill

Jessica is becoming more and more interesting as a character. She’s extremely lost, not knowing how to control herself or how to lead this undead life she’s stuck with. She shows there’s fragility in her and that she needs Bill even though he insists on her leaving and being free of him. His protectiveness over her shows their father-daughter like relationship, where for awhile she was more of a nuisance and remembrance of guilt to him.

Big surprise, Eric had some pretty steamy material too. He offered to stay with Russell’s jealous employee who like any reasonable person (or vampire) was lusting over Eric. He proclaims, “I’m bored, take your clothes off”, a valid suggestion if you ask me. From there you can imagine where things go, because this is True Blood and they don’t hold back at all. Still, the show always has surprises and this is no different. We are transformed from a steamy and oddly seductive scene to a personal and brutal one. We find out that Eric has had a lot more on his mind besides getting himself and Pam free of the vampire blood accusations. He has a deeper plan, a vengeful plan of wrongs that we aren’t even aware were committed against Eric. There is a part of Eric he’s been concealing. Now that part of him has been unleashed.

Night on the Sun- Eric and Talbot

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