True Blood: I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

I Got a Right to Sing the Blues- LorenaThis week’s episode of True Blood damn near hits perfection. We are finally getting closer to the books in the portrayal of Bill. When Bill was a prisoner he had a cushy prison with “warm blood bisque infused with petals and blood gelato”. Bill has now proven himself disloyal to the King and therefore has been sentenced to die. His executioner? Lorena. The two have a past full of passion and violence. Lorena is devastated that she has to end Bill’s life. She still draws it out despite the pain that both of them are experiencing since it’s a chance for her to prolong his last moments with her. She also mixes her blood with his as she is slicing him up, stating that she will “always be inside him”. Lorena has never been one of my favorite characters and while we aren’t even meant to feel sorry for her, it feels like the episode gives us the most accurate depiction of her character we have gotten yet.

This is one bloody episode. Even being chained up and tortured by a past lover and current foe is nothing compared to what comes next. Bill’s luck only worsens throughout the episode thanks to a few hungry and horny werewolves, dying for some ripe vampire blood. It gives the scene a very raw and gritty feel. Even Lorena backs away, unable to watch, but still knowing there wouldn’t be much point in trying to save him since he has to die anyway. This brings us closer to the books where Sookie was the last hope in saving a blood drenched Bill who had been through hell and might not be able to keep holding on.

Another one of the bloodier moments surprisingly comes from Tara. I have never respected her character more than in this episode. She has been forced to endure a lot, but she refuses to let it get the best of her. Tara was playing along before, knowing it was her only hope. Still, she has really kicked it up a notch, even fooling Franklin and making him think she is as ready to live their undead lives together as he is. Tara doesn’t plan on being his vampire queen though. She shows even more strength, determination, and intelligence than Sookie when it really comes down to it by cluing her in on her escape plan when she’s not even the one with the powers. Between tearing apart Franklin’s flesh and spraying his blood everywhere, playing it off as foreplay, and bashing the hell out of him in his sleep, Tara kicks some major ass. I was surprised by the sudden turn, but was cheering her on as much as I love Franklin.

I Got a Right to Sing the Blues- Tara

Franklin had become one of my favorite characters. He was a dark natured vampire whose romantic side only made him creepier. The dynamic between them was extremely interesting even when Tara was either rejecting him or playing along in hopes of getting away from him. I’m interested in where this will take Tara’s character from here. I don’t want to see her as a victim again since she has proven that isn’t truly who she is.

I Got a Right to Sing the Blues- Eric and Sookie

Anyone feeling like Eric was forming too much of a soft spot for Sookie can rest easy. He brings out his dark, domineering side and proves that as hot as he might be for her she isn’t more important than saving himself. Eric acts suave and demeaning towards Sookie in front of everyone. Even when they are alone he claims he doesn’t care about her and warns her not to get in the way of what he’s trying to do. I remember Queen Sophie-Anne, sexually and physically dominating Eric last season, which was quite a sight to see. This season, Eric reverses the roles and is moments away from tearing her head off and throwing it in the pool. Things have changed. She turned on him and he has no reason to be loyal to her anymore.  Queen Sophie-Anne has lost all of her power. She’s trapped in a corner and both Eric and Russell are enjoying seeing her squirm.

Russell Edgington and his insight on the power that the vampire species holds is one of the strongest additions to season 3.  From the beginning True Blood has been about what happens when vampire and human lives collide, not in secret, but out in the opens as deserving citizens with the same rights. Vampires are clearly far more powerful , instinctual, and violent by nature. They can fight to become a part of human society, but the alternative might be better. Russell argues if vampires banded together in a matter of days they could conquer all of human kind. He complains about how human nature just continues making the same mistakes and there doesn’t seem to be any non-violent solution.  As he says, “There’s a master race, it’s just not the human race”. There is no question that the vampires could do this, especially if someone high up tries to kill off humans once and for all. I suspect this is something that is going to be explored one way or another and it will be very interesting to see how this bloody desire for domination plays out.

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

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