True Blood: Hitting the Ground

Hitting the Ground- Jason and TaraThings really start getting intense in the True Blood world as Sookie is desperate to save Bill no matter how grim his survival is looking. Sookie and Lorena battle it out over Bill. Lorena does arguably have more on the line since she was commanded to end Bill’s existence and him being rescued really isn’t an option for her no matter how passionately she still feels for him. The truth is the two completely loath each other and they can’t help but jump at the opportunity to be at each other’s throats, literally. Bill encourages Sookie to end Lorena’s existence. She hesitates, clearly not wanting to see Lorena’s pain the way Lorena longs to see hers. Still, there are plenty more problems they are faced against as Alcide and Tara are desperate to get Sookie out of there before it’s too late. The place is swarming with the King’s werewolves, particularly Alcide’s bitter and transformed ex, Debbie, and her new animalistic lover. Debbie unleashes a serious amount of crazy, putting them all in a direct life or death situation as her anger and jealousy grab hold of her.

Not all the storylines are the same, but this is essentially the marking point of the climax in the 3rd novel, Club Dead. I think the writers handled it really well, switching some things up and throwing some unexpected twists in while still capturing the essence of what’s going on. Bill looks like he’s already dead and he really should be; he is just barely hanging on even though there is no real evidence of this. Sookie refuses to give up and offers her own blood to Bill on their way back to Bon Temps. Bill is void of any compassion; purely aggressive animal instincts taking over. He is just that far gone that his need for blood outweighs everything else; making him hurt and nearly kill someone he cares deeply. By the time he’s conscious enough to realize what he has done, it might be too late. This is exactly how it was portrayed in the episode. Even the kidnap situation and the conditions Sookie has to fight him out of, even if it means overpowering a vampire with superior strength, ends up coming to the point that it did in the book. There was just a bit of a cushy break earlier on in the season, but it led us to the right place.

Hitting the Ground- Sookie

Even better though, it led to the introduction of Claudine, essentially Sookie’s fairy godmother, and the introduction of yet another supernatural breed. Through Sookie’s coma dream we are brought to a mystical land where Sookie drinks “the best thing she’s ever tasted” and she’s had vampire blood ,as she frolics about and dances with Claudine. She is tempted to stay with them in this blissful world, but it all might be too good to be true.

Hitting the Ground- Caged Sophie Anne

Meanwhile, Eric is in the middle of trying to clean up the whole vampire blood situation. Queen Sophie-Anne is caged, which is a sight to see since she is not one who is typically at the mercy of anyone else. Eric enjoys himself as he brutally sucks the life out of Sophie-Anne’s human. Clearly the information she holds about Sookie is even more dear to her than her human lover. It has to be good since we are finding out more and more that Sookie is far from your average human girl. Part of the reason why her condition is so unstable is that she doesn’t have a blood type and her body rejects the 0 negative that the doctors give her. Jason reveals that she has never been sick before and this is the first time she has been in a hospital, including her own birth.

Pam’s torture scene, in which nothing actually really happens, is intense and uncomfortable. Just the threat and cruelty involved is enough for this uneasy tone. She’s about to have silver piercing her eyelids together. Yet she lies there, clearly with fear deep down inside her, making jokes about being a Tiffany’s girl. Even inches away from death, Pam still has a wicked sense of humor.

Hitting the Ground- Pam

 Luckily, Eric Northman comes to the rescue just in time and brings the Queen with him to confess the truth. Russell is really the one who takes charge of the situation though, turning the tables and enabling him and Sophie-Anne to be married. Even torturing back doesn’t seem to satisfy him. His rage towards vampires who act like humans takes over him, leading us to another bloody yet satisfying ending. Russell has really grown on me in the last few episodes. A big part of this is his beliefs and his passion for the instinctive, brutal nature of vampires that he feels should triumph against the weak natured and corrupt practices of mankind. I really can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

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