True Blood: Fresh Blood

Fresh Blood- CrystalAfter the truth finally comes out about Crystal (by her transforming in to a black panther in front of Jason), we are shown how he deals with this new truth. Jason isn’t all that understanding, but that isn’t a real surprise since he isn’t known for being particularly open minded towards the supernatural. He tries to find Sookie to figure out what to do, but ends up trying to relive his glory days when things were far simpler.

I’m thrilled that Jessica and Hoyt finally got back together. They’re a great couple and the dynamic between them was always a lot of fun. She tells him that she drinks human blood instead of Tru Blood and Hoyt surprises her by offering his blood to her, which she gladly accepts.

Fresh Blood- Hoyt and Jessica

Everything that has been building up in Sam really spun out of control. I’m still not really sure everything that is going on with him. He comes in to Merlotte’s in a drunken rage, insulting customers, belittling employees, and even disowning his brother. Tara is the only one who survives his rage and they flee to one another, too pissed off at the rest of the world. Earlier that night, Tara confronted Andy about covering up Eggs murder and finds herself in a pretty desperate and dark place. Holly and Arlene, pushed away after Sam snaps at them, perform a sacrifice and spell in hopes of getting rid of Arlene’s demon child that she is sure has been tainted by her murderous ex-boyfriend.

Bill tries to regain Sookie’s trust in him, but luckily she is having plenty of doubts. Unfortunately, Eric kidnapping her and chaining her up doesn’t really put him in any better of a position. He comes face to face with Russell, who demands to know why he killed his lover. Eric tells him it was revenge for killing his family a thousand years ago. Russell simply laughs, “To lose the one man I ever loved because you miss your mommy and daddy”. As far as Eric is concerned they’re even now. Russell doesn’t quite see it the same way.

Eric is only able to save his own skin by promising to give Russell the ability to be a day walker. Bill got a taste of this when he discovered what Sookie was. It’s every vampire’s dream to be able to roam freely in the day after being exiled from it for centuries. Russell doesn’t believe it’s possible until he finds out that Sookie has fairy blood in her, a believed to be extinct species. Still, they decide to experiment by drinking Sookie’s blood and walk out in the daylight. When Eric tests it out and it seems to have worked, Russell ventures out in the sunlight for the first time in over a thousand years.

Fresh Blood- Eric and Russell

From the beginning it was clear that Eric had something up his sleeve. Just what that is comes out during one of the typical True Blood mind blowing endings. Russell is a great, compelling, creepy character, but I’m fine with him dying; Eric not so much. Alright, that’s a huge understatement; Eric is the best character the show has and all the future compelling material would be impossible without him, which is part of the reason I wasn’t too broken up with what happened. Even if Russell has faced the ultimate death, I don’t believe that Eric has. I’m just curious to whether there is still another trick surfacing or if it’s someone else who saves him. Two of our other main characters are in very bad condition, leaving them all in weak, desperate states.

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

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