True Blood: 9 Crimes

9 Crimes- BillThe beginning of this episode surprised me, making Bill’s storyline more compelling. As far as Sookie knows Bill is done with her and is just as passionate towards Lorena as he was all those years ago through deceit and domination over their human victims. Bill claims he never wants to see Sookie again and it’s better for them to stay apart. Of course, this isn’t because Bill was desiring Lorena and being unfaithful. He is doing this to protect Sookie so his reasons are noble, but it still paints him as a more flawed character. At the very least it creates conflict in their relationship and opens things up for the other charming supernatural men in her life.

There were some very steamy scenes with Sookie and Alcide as well as with Sookie and Eric. Bill who? After Sookie gets the call, Alcide is luckily there to console her…shirtless Alcide to be exact. As he says, he “runs hot”. They’re both going through rough break ups with their first loves, but they clearly feel something for one another. They have a definite connection and sexual tension. Alcide might need to keep Sookie safe because of his promise to Eric, but he is already feeling protective over her.

9 Crimes- Sookie and Alcide

To follow this up Eric and Sookie have a seductive scene that is too good to be true…and it is. I knew this watching it, but I still couldn’t help but enjoy the moment regardless. Eric has a sex dream about Sookie where he flies to her window. They have an intimate moment that quickly escalates to something more. Eric makes his feelings for Sookie clear, but let’s not forget Sookie had her own dream about Eric last season. They both desire each other even if they haven’t had the chance to truly embrace it yet.

Eric can only spend so much time dreaming about Sookie though. Suspicions have been rising about the sale of vampire blood in Louisiana. It’s one thing that could really mean the end of eternal life for Eric and Queen Sophie Anne. It is essentially a death sentence and it might be too late to cover things up. Finding Bill could be far more important now. Without him, the owners of Fangtasia will suffer horrible and permanent deaths. We were given a sneak peak of this with an intense torture scene. There will clearly be no forgiveness.

9 Crimes- Franklin

Some of the most chilling moments in the episode came from Franklin. Tara is put through more than she ever has before. Now she is conscious of what’s going on and knows there is nothing she can do about it. In her one moment of feeling strength she becomes the vampire’s next victim to get closer to Bill and Sookie. Franklin doesn’t hesitate to tie up, kidnap, and throw around Tara. Still, the really creepy moments are when he’s being strangely romantic, toying with her even more. In the last episode he did say that he only gets that sexual urge and pleasure if Tara doesn’t want it. This pretty much puts him in the ideal situation for that as it’s clear Tara wants nothing to do with Franklin. That is all the more of a turn on and he is in a total power position. In the last scene Bill seems lonely and desperate to make a connection. It seems that he does this with an equally lonely stripper who seems to given up on any decency in human nature. Of course, Bill has obligations to his new King, essentially being the delivery service for hot, fresh blood they craved so much. Human nature has nothing on the far darker vampire nature.

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

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