The Vampire Diaries: Unpleasantville

Unpleasantville- Elena and Stefan 50s DanceUnpleasantville takes us back to the ‘50s with a rocking sock hop. Feeling in the spirit of the decade Elena tries to find out more about Stefan’s life during this time. After a little prying Stefan even busts out his dance moves, romancing Elena on the dance floor. Of course, they can’t forget what they are really doing there though. The vampire Elena ran over has been stalking her, even dressing up as a pizza delivery boy in order to get the ever so desired invitation in. Elena discovers this after he attacks her after hanging from the ceiling, Stefan arriving just in time to save her.

Since he’s been invited in, he now has access to taunt, torment, and kill Elena and her family. It’s clear that they have to get rid of Elena’s undead stalker tonight. Damon comes along with Elena and Stefan to the dance, raising some eyebrows as to whether they’re a threesome now. Bonnie and Caroline have nothing but hate and fear for him and question Elena’s association with him. Before long the unknown vampire makes an appearance at the dance, giving us a good idea what his intentions with Elena are. He attacks Elena, first chasing the Salvatore brothers off with a diversion. Elena is faced with her attacker. She could very well be at his mercy if she can’t fend for herself.


Unpleasantville gives us quite a few surprises, hinting there is something big in the works that we have only seen the beginning of. We are introduced to a few new characters and given different sides to some we thought we already knew. In the past new characters have often been killed off just as early as they were introduced. No one is guaranteed to be safe from the blood thirsty vampiric nature in town, especially now that the Salvatore brothers aren’t the only vampires in town. Still, some may be better at mastering the deceptive nature than others, showing one face to most people while holding a much darker and malicious nature inside that they fully plan on acting on; clearly having no plans to be victims. Elena’s attacker proved to have a bit of Damon’s nature in him, insisting on playing with Elena. When the Salvatores torture him on information on why he’s after Elena he simply laughs and says, “Because it’s fun”. That response and delivery has Damon written all over it. Yet, he is the one defending Elena.

No worries, Damon hasn’t gone soft, far from it actually. He did kind of owe Elena one anyway since she saved his life in last week’s episode.  He hasn’t given up on his very real diabolical plan yet either. Or as Stefan calls it “your diabolical plan: the sequel” (see Stefan can be funny too when he wants to be!). Damon searches through every book and journal he can get his hands on after given hope that the answers to opening the tomb and getting his revenge are out there. By the time he gets a clue of where it is someone else might be on to his schemes, or more importantly have schemes of their own.

Unpleasantville- Damon

The dynamic and relationship between Damon and Stefan in this episode is a joy to watch. At times mocking each other which makes for some great laughs as always! Other times, it’s just great to see how different their personalities and approaches to life as undead immortals are. Stefan offers to help Damon uncover the secrets and open the tomb, bringing Katherine back from the undead curse. Damon’s response to this offer of help is iffy, claiming that seems unnatural. Of course, Ian Somerhalder’s timing and understanding of Damon is so precise that on paper this description doesn’t do the justice of the comedy and insight of both of their characters that it reveals. Damon questions why he should trust Stefan, who replies “Because I’m your brother”. Damon says he doesn’t buy that, but he does buy that Stefan would help him to get him out of town and have Elena to himself. Damon only understands the language of self-interest; kindness is completely outside of his comprehension. Stefan recognizes Damon’s superior strength and power, knowing being on his side is the only way to get close enough to him to stand a chance for his own diabolical plan.

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

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