The Vampire Diaries: The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice- Stefan, Bonnie, and DamonStefan and Damon find a way to save Elena. In order to do this they need to get the moonstone, which is with Katherine, trapped in the tomb. Katherine agrees to give it to them if they get her out of the tomb. As Stefan points out Katherine was claiming the tomb was the safest place to be since it’s the one place Klaus could never get her. For a manipulative and havoc inducing vampire like Katherine, even worse than the hunger is boredom. Of course, they don’t believe that Katherine will really keep her word, but since she is in such a weakened state they think they might be able to get it from her if Bonnie can lift the spell long enough. The last time the spell was lifted, Bonnie’s grandmother died and that was with two witches working together. Still, Bonnie will do whatever it takes to keep Elena safe.

The Sacrifice- ElenaIn this episode we have two big attempted plans regarding the Klaus situation, both of which could go horribly wrong. No matter what happens though, either Elena’s death or the deaths of those around her will be the consequence. Elena decides she isn’t willing to risk the deaths of the people she cares about. Everyone seems to have made this decision for her so she takes matters in to her own hands. She has Rose take her to Slater, the vampire expert who was giving them just the tip of the iceberg before someone realized he knew too much and put him to rest. Even when tragedy strikes, Elena doesn’t quit. She knows there’s more information on Klaus out there, information that could make all the difference. Her life is no longer something she has to worry about; it’s a sacrifice she’s willing to make.

Damon seems to finally be getting in Elena’s good graces after the wrath he faced when he nearly killed her brother. He shows his utter devotion to her and just how much he cares. Elena acts like she is resisting it, but really she has this same devotion to him; she would die before letting him die just as he would for her. There were definitely a few intense moments between the two of them.

We have some lingering feelings with Matt and Caroline. I like both characters (especially this season 2 undead version of Caroline), but when they were together it was really the show’s fluff. The most enticing material that could take place between them would be for Caroline to lose control of her urges at Matt’s expense, possibly having her reveal herself to him, although she could easily take that memory away. We did have a little bit of this or the risk of this happening. On the other hand, I love the dynamic between Caroline and Tyler. Tyler’s in exactly the same place as she was; alone, angry, and confused. They both have death on their hands and more is sure to come; it’s in their nature. This understanding between them makes for the start of one of the strongest relationships on the show.

The Sacrifice- Caroline and Tyler

Speaking of Tyler’s dilemma one of the most gripping parts of the episode is when Tyler and Caroline find out what it was like for Mason upon his first full moon. It turns out the answer is utter and complete hell. The agony and uncontrollable pain that we see Mason going through seems as complete torture. Nothing really happens, besides him sweating, vomiting, and struggling, but it is clear just how extreme the pain is for him, lasting for hours upon hours. Usually the werewolf transition is relatively fast. Not here, here it’s a vicious battle just to make that transformation. After all it is turning from man to monster.

I like Elena well enough in the series, I feel for her and am interested in her story lines. Still, the Elena in the books is still a way stronger character. In the books she’s portrayed almost more like a force all her own rather than a human girl, especially as the series goes on. I did like that in this episode they were getting a little bit closer to that with Elena ignoring the decisions people have made for her whether it was in her best interest or not. She takes action not giving up even when staring death in the face.

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

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