The Vampire Diaries: The Return

The ReturnThe return of The Vampire Diaries doesn’t come back with quite the bang that the last season ended on. Then again that might be a bit too much to expect considering how intense, shocking, and heart racing last season’s ender was. Still, it’s a solid episode with plenty going on. As expected, things are very different in Mystic Falls now. Most of the vampires are dead thanks to the fire and those behind it, including Elena’s Uncle John and even Bonnie. Damon, Stefan, and oh yeah Katherine are the only ones left. Her re-appearance after over a century has caused quite the stir. They aren’t sure what she wants, but she has an invitation in to Elena’s house and can come and go any time she please now. Damon doesn’t think she wants to kill Elena or she would be dead already, “Katherine wants you dead there’s zero you can do about it. You’re dead”. Katherine’s now the oldest and deadliest vampire around; even Damon knows he’s not really a match for her.

As they try to figure out what Katherine is doing back in town, she makes a few appearances, posing as Elena, and doing a pretty good job of it. She’s been studying up. Katherine knows Elena’s family and friends, her life, and that she has the one thing Katherine wants more than anything else in the world: Stefan. Katherine’s sure that Stefan can easily be tempted by her and come running back. Both Stefan and Damon fight to stand strong against her. Together is the only way they stand a chance.

The Return

I was a little surprised by Stefan. I didn’t think he would suddenly be under Katherine’s spell, but he shows a lot more guts than I knew he had in him, especially towards someone who has been such a big part of his existence. Not only does he stand strong against Katherine, resisting her, but he comes back at her with nothing but cold, hard brutality. I’m proud of Stefan; he’s come a long way.

Damon on the other hand might act like Katherine doesn’t affect him, but she obviously does. It does seem like Elena is the one he really wants, not just because she looks like Katherine and not just to screw with Stefan. Although, when he figures out he was with Katherine and not Elena the other night when they kissed, he has to break the news, gently of course by saying, “Not to risk another frown line crouching on a very crowded forehead….”.  Snarky Damon comments are the best, but what’s even better is when they mock Stefan’s pouty, brooding nature.

Regardless, he clearly would have rather it been Elena. He still can’t help feeling vulnerable when it comes to Katherine, which only gets his heart broken in this episode. More than once he’s told that “It’s always been Stefan” by the only two girls he ever loved. Seriously ladies? Stefan grew on me a ton by the end of last season, but Damon is clearly the superior Salvatore. You would think at least Katherine would see this since she has that wicked nature herself. This rejection sent Damon crashing back to his old, cold natured and brutal state when snapping someone’s neck was how he got kicks. I liked how the slightly softer Damon was inching his way in on Elena, but there were times when I was a little worried he would become too soft and lose the dark and exhilarating character he is. Since Elena pretty much officially denied him, I’m okay with him going back to this state. It will be interesting to see some of the material it brings out.

One character I really found myself missing was Anna. She was probably my favorite character next to Damon. She had her own agenda and she didn’t put up with anything from anyone. She was extremely likeable while still holding on to her dark nature. Plus, she gave Jeremy some amazing story lines. Depression and thoughts of suicide and vampirism have given him some good material even after her death. Since she is a vampire you can always hope that she could be brought back one way or another. I don’t really think this is going to happen. When the show kills the vampire characters they’re usually gone for good. Also, since Anna wasn’t even in the books she’s probably not considered a vital character. Mayor Lockwood is also one who died along with the vampires, which of course is causing a big uproar. It’s being called a big mistake, but the truth is it hints at some secrets the mayor might have been hiding. While we’re waiting for these secrets to get out there, Katherine is sure to keep things entertaining by causing plenty of trouble and making sure she doesn’t go unnoticed.

The Return-Katherine Pierce

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