The Vampire Diaries: The Hybrid

The Hybrid- Klaus and Stefan

Stefan’s evil-streak was even more short-lived than expected. I figured there was still a part of the moralistic, brooding Stefan there. He still kills at command and does whatever Klaus asks of him. He continues to push Damon and Elena away at all costs, even if he has to act cold and dismissive towards those he loves the most. Still, he no longer appears to have any joy in the bloodshed. Stefan doesn’t take pride in his gory work that he did just an episode ago. Klaus quickly calls him on this, “So broody. Your self-loathing is suffocating”. Klaus is clearly losing his patience with Stefan, well aware that the good guy is seeping through the surface. There’s no fun in that for Klaus, he gets more joy from corruption. Besides, Stefan isn’t quite his ideal travel companion.

Klaus isn’t just on to Stefan’s lack of enthusiasm for their work. He can tell something is wrong. His centuries-long life’s work should finally be paying off. If things don’t go as planned Elena’s existence could be discovered, ensuring her death once and for all.  Elena really flirts with danger in this episode. She chases after Stefan, unable to give up on him. She sets out to save him at all costs. Not even Damon can talk her down from this. They walk right in to one of Klaus and Stefan’s attempted hybrids. Elena hasn’t been making the smartest decisions. Aside from nearly getting herself killed, which really isn’t new for her, she continues chasing after Stefan when Damon is right there for her.

The Hybrid- Damon and Elena

Damon promises to do whatever it takes to save Stefan. After doing so, he puts his heart out there again, asking Elena to remember what he means to her when Stefan is back. It’s a touching moment that makes you think Elena is the one who doesn’t have a heart if she doesn’t respond. Damon is clearly the better choice and I would love to see them together. I just don’t want them to soften Damon up in order for that to happen. I would take single, evil-natured, conniving Damon any day over that.

Matt struggles with Vicki’s death, a memory neither Jeremy nor him have. He isn’t sure whether he can get in contact with her as Jeremy wants, but ultimately if his sister needs help he can’t let her down. The last words Vicki said were, “Help Me”. Vicki appears again, Anna appearing shortly after. We knew there was some supernatural evil at work, keeping Vicki’s spirit from resting. With Anna saying one sentence to Jeremy, it confuses everything, questioning who is the victim and villain in this situation. I really look forward to where this is going. Right now it’s looking like the most intriguing storyline this season will be involving Jeremy. There are endless possibilities since we really don’t know what’s going on, but it’s shaping up to be a very compelling twist either way.

The Hybrid- Vicki and Jeremy

The Hybrid- Anna

Last week’s turn with Caroline pushes Tyler to shed his mask and let his true nature be known, even if it reveals the monster within. This was a great moment for Tyler and reminded me how far his character has come. Both Caroline and he were popular high schoolers, very stuck in their ways, and unable to see anything much larger than their little bubbles. Now they’re powerful supernatural beings with shades of monstrosity, outcasts to those who don’t understand. They are well aware of the infinite possibilities in the world, for better or worse. Once Caroline became a vampire she became one of my favorite characters. Tyler has become much more appealing as well. Supernatural elements really do make everything better.

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

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