The Vampire Diaries: The End of the Affair

The End of the Affair- ElenaElena continues to search for Stefan, leading Elena and Damon to Stefan’s old apartment in Chicago where he lived in the 1920’s during his ripper days. Stefan had his victim’s names listed like trophies, getting joy from tearing them apart limb by limb, victim after victim. Elena still believes that Stefan can be saved and refuses to give up.

Damon has to sacrifice himself to create a diversion that will allow Elena to talk to him. Klaus is just moments away from figuring out why his hybrid creations aren’t working. Stefan knows this and is determined to protect Elena. This isn’t his only reasoning for pushing Elena away though. He has reverted to his old ways, not something he can quickly come back from, if ever.

The End of the Affair- Stefan and Rebekah

We also find out that Klaus and Stefan have an existing history between them as vampire comrades. We are introduced to Rebekah, Klaus’ sister who he was very protective over. Rebekah had her eyes on Stefan in his vicious days. Stefan is reminded of what went on between the three of them, bringing light to what is happening now. Klaus might be the evil-natured, controlling puppeteer, but it wasn’t always that way. Rebekah has the key to finding out what went wrong with his hybrids, something that Klaus will stop at nothing to find out.

Heroes’ Jack Coleman makes an appearance as Caroline’s father, who until now has barely been mentioned, let alone seen. He does a fantastic job capturing the shades of dark and light within him; love and good intentions in his heart as he wears cruelty on his sleeve. He’s heartbroken by what his daughter has become; a monster. He believes it’s up to him to reform her, torturing her extensively in attempts to drain her vampire instincts out of her with vervain and excessive amounts of pain. Caroline begs for him to stop, for even a second of peace free from the torture. She knows though that there is no saving her, she can’t change what she has become.

The End of the Affair- Caroline and her Father

The End of the Affair- Caroline

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