The Vampire Diaries: Ordinary People

Ordinary People- Rebekah and ElenaOrdinary People dives in to origins, those of werewolves, vampires, and hybrids. Elena, Alaric, and Damon find ancient drawings in the tomb that give them quite a bit of insight. There are still so many questions left unanswered though. They find out that the symbols represent the originals: Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, and one previously unknown original, Mikael, the vampire turned vampire hunter and father of the other originals. They know Mikael is the key in all this and now he has been awakened. They need to know more though and Elena believes Rebekah is the key.

This episode really allowed us to get to know Rebekah better, who she was then and who she has become over the centuries. Claire Holt shines as Rebekah, showing the character’s inner fragility, hurt, and intense loyalty. Yet we only get glimpses of this as Rebekah holds walls up around her, knowing most of that part of her died when she became a vampire. Still, part of it is held deep within her. She embraces what she is, getting joy out of playing games and knowing there is almost no one that could be of any threat to her. She’s among the most superior of a superior race. Most people she toys with are completely oblivious to her true power. Rebekah has her fun, but even as a vampire she isn’t plague free. This can be said for any vampire, but she is the first and unlike most vampires it is impossible for her to be killed, a true immortal who will always carry the burden as well as endless thrills with her.

Ordinary People- Rebekah and Klaus

One thing I really found interesting about the flashbacks to the creation of the original vampires is it gave us the chance to discover everything about Rebekah’s condition first hand. Vampires didn’t exist in mythology or real life when she was turned. Her family and she didn’t have any rumors even to base off their new state of being. She had to walk outside, just as she did every day prior and nearly be fried to ash by the sun to discover that she could no longer walk in the light. The transformation itself was brutal and unknown, there was no real guarantee this would work or what they would become. They were violently killed by Mikael. Perhaps they would cease to exist altogether. They had to experience the excruciating pain without a bit of closure of assurance.

They went through with it to ensure their family would always be healthy and prosperous, basic human needs in any time. The times were so tough with plague taking out so many. When the family found their haven they weren’t willing to give it up no matter the consequences. Illness fell upon them due to the wolves and Mikael didn’t want to let them win. With their new vitality and power they would win this war.

Ordinary People- Damon

At this point I think The Vampire Diaries writers are seeing how long they can string audiences along with the will they/won’t they dynamic of Elena and Damon’s relationship. The moments keep getting more sincere and intimate. Elena is shedding her endless hope for Stefan and slowly realizing what she has right before her, even if she’s still a little afraid to admit it. Their relationship is becoming more trusting unlike that with Damon and Stefan. Damon releases a broken down and hungry Stefan, being by his side as he takes his first, much needed victim. Stefan knows he’s trying to be his friend in hopes he can break through his humanity. Mikael showing up becomes his best real hope. Mikael promises right then and there to kill Klaus if he is brought to him. If Stefan can’t do this, his heart will be the one sacrificed instead.

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

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