The Vampire Diaries: Masquerade

Masquerade- Jeremy, Stefan, Damon, and AlaricKatherine’s attack on Jenna has finally pushed everyone to their limits. Katherine has involved others and the entire town is in danger because of it. Not to mention Stefan and Damon have been pushed to their limits. They don’t care how old, powerful, and indestructible Katherine is; the world needs to be rid of her. They involve everyone who can help, everyone besides Elena anyways. Stefan is determined to keep her in the dark on this and away from Katherine.

Katherine has someone unexpected on her side; a witch of her own. Clearly, she has something ready to throw back at Stefan. Mason’s death has barely fazed her. She is already on the prowl for another werewolf, even if she has to create one herself. Creation of a werewolf also means the death of others and Matt has become a pawn in her evil plan.

Masquerade- Stefan and Damon Attack Katherine

Both Stefan and Damon surprised and impressed me throughout the episode. Stefan’s hate for Katherine brings out a beautiful darkness within him. We see him take a hold of his true vampire nature that he usually denies. Damon is sure that Stefan is going to babble on about his morals. But no, not only is he all for Katherine’s death, he personally wants to be the one to hand it to her. She ruined his life after all and turned both him and Damon in to what they are.

Damon’s true feeling for Katherine are questioned as are his capabilities. Sure, he’s a fierce blood thirsty vampire, but Katherine has clearly had a power over him for over a century. He certainly proves just what his lingering feelings for Katherine are; hate and revenge. Damon is cold, calculated, and cruel. It’s a bit of the old Damon and he goes farther than I thought he would have. To him she is only the “evil slut vampire who loved herself too much”.

Masquerade- Katherine and Caroline

Nina Dobrev does a pretty good job of bringing out Elena, but Katherine is really the character she nails. I know I have praised her portrayal of Katherine before, but she does do an incredible job. She’s just so smooth and cocky, constantly exerting her power over everyone whether it’s someone easy for her to manipulate like Matt or whether there’s a real challenge involved like with Stefan. Even in the face of her own death it is completely impossible for anything to faze her. She’s playful and contemptuous until the very end. I don’t want her to win; I’m Team Salvatore after all. Still, she’s a really fun villain to hate and love. Katherine certainly has kept things very interesting thus far this season. Even the very memory of her had quite an effect on last season.

Masquerade- Katherine

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