The Vampire Diaries: Kill or Be Killed

The Vampire Diaries has really had some great material this season. Throw in some sex scenes and gore and it would practically fill the void True Blood has left. The werewolf problem is the main focus of the episode, but it quickly transitions to Damon and Stefan having to fear for their lives as their existence is in danger of being exposed.Kill or Be Killed- Stefan and Mason

Stefan tries sticking by his brother, protecting him from the mess he has made in making Mason a clear enemy. As he is the one creature that could easily kill them in one bite this is a mistake that needs to be taken care of. Damon and Stefan are such opposites and constantly at each other’s throats, but it’s nice to see them be there for one another even if they have different ways of dealing with things. This was one of the moments when I couldn’t help but have some respect for Stefan. Even when Mason turned things around on him, Stefan refused to back down. As he says, there’s two of them and one of him. Also, Mason only having this extreme power one night out of the month, when the full moon rises, leaves him at a definite disadvantage.

Mason has clearly become the new antagonist to the Salvatore brothers. Before this point, he was a danger to them by his nature, but now it has become personal. He has a made a point to make himself an enemy to both of the brothers, but especially Damon; fueled by vengeance. Mason actually takes a note from Damon and realizes deceit and exposing others is the best way to look out for himself. He does this through Sheriff Forbes, the most important person who Damon has been smooth enough to get on his side and believe in his humanity (Clearly, he’s a master manipulator). Finally, the Salvatore brothers have been pushed too far and beaten at their own game. Not only will their true nature be exposed to those out for the death of all vampires, but their immortality itself is being threatened.

Kill or Be Killed- Caroline

My favorite part of this episode was Caroline Forbes. She was probably my least favorite character in the books and now aside from Damon she’s my favorite character of the series. To be fair she is completely different in the TV series and she has really evolved in to something completely different since becoming a vampire. I was thrilled when they turned her, knowing it would lead to the gripping material we have gotten in the last month.

With this version of Caroline, she’s more impulsive, strong, and goes farther than you think she will, but exactly where you hope she will. Sure, when put against Katherine she’s scared and weak, but even Damon is no match for Katherine. Of course, a newly turned vampire who was once already a victim to Katherine is going to be cautious and weary. I think it only makes her stronger; she’s smart enough to know how to survive. Caroline’s still not afraid to fight back when she knows she has a chance. Mason seemed to have her trapped. She knew she was the only hope for the Salvatore brothers and more importantly she knew the vicious creature that lies inside of her might as well be put to good use. Caroline proves her strength when it is doubted the most. Even better she unleashes her true identity in front of her vampire hating mother, embracing it no matter the consequences.

Kill or Be Killed- Sheriff Forbes and Mason

Damon and Caroline share a really great moment. I could see the two of them becoming more and more like one another lately, but it really shines through at the end of this episode. Sheriff Forbes basically says that her daughter is forever dead to her, something very similar to what Damon’s father said to him over a century ago. He tries to fix what he couldn’t with his own family; a hate that ended in massive death and mayhem across the whole town. History has already repeated itself with the attack on the vampire’s during last season’s finale, killing off nearly all of them. We can only hope that this will at least lead to some intriguing material between Caroline and Damon.

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

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