The Vampire Diaries: Homecoming

Homecoming- Stefan and Klaus

Homecoming is hands down the most thrilling and well written episode of the season. Looking back on it, it’s mind blowing everything that happened. Characteristic of The Vampire Diaries’ best episodes, there are constant twists and everyone turning on each other, even those they are closest to. You never really know what’s going on, keeping you on the edge of your seat until everything builds up to the final conclusion. In the end, you understand the character’s actions. Their driving force is nothing short of ferocious. Everything is at stake. For many of our characters this could be the end of eternity.

Damon has a plan with Stefan, Rebekah, Mikael and pretty much everyone else teaming up for the demise of Klaus. Stefan is still under Klaus’ control. He can compel him to tell him the truth. The plan could break in a second if Klaus asks him the wrong question. Rebekah could be another potential breaking point. They got her on their side, but she’s a very complex and unpredictable person. Not to mention, this is one of her only blood relatives left; one of the only immortals that truly understands her. As she says, “I have spent a century loving and hating my brother”. Rebekah is so hurt by finding out the truth that Klaus killed her mother, not Mikael like she always thought. He has a knack for deceiving people and wrapping them around his finger. She’s out to avenge her mother’s death, but Klaus is still her brother. They can’t let any one person let their plan fall apart or they are all dead.

Homecoming- Rebekah

Picking up from last week’s episode, we get further character development on Rebekah. She’s coming along as a very interesting character. There’s a scene between Elena and her while she’s getting ready for the homecoming dance, her first school dance ever. She never fully got to grow up and she has spent most of eternity on the run. Rebekah never got to experience anything like this. So much comes out about some of Rebekah’s inner thoughts. It’s a very sincere scene that has a cold, bitter twist.

The never ending build up between Damon and Elena continues. She now shows a willingness to let go of Stefan, knowing this might be the best thing both for her and Damon. Elena trusts Damon with all of their lives. He is on his game here; fierce, cunning, and completely unrelenting. He needs to end Klaus so they can put all of this behind them. Ian Somerhalder really shows the many layers of Damon, ranging from weak and desperate to determined and vicious.

Homecoming- Klaus

Things have backfired and blown up so severely it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Klaus is out for revenge from everyone who has tricked, humiliated, and went against him. He’s not the forgiving type and the only thing he ever cared about has been ripped apart from him. Stefan and Katherine have run off, leaving Damon and Elena to deal with things there, while they stir up even more trouble with Klaus. Katherine has been waiting hundreds of years to see Klaus’ family ripped away from him the way he slaughtered hers all those years ago. Stefan will never be the same again after what Klaus forced him to do. Things may not have gone as planned, but this is their chance for their own revenge and they are going to enjoy every second of it. We’ll be impatiently awaiting this revenge death match over the next two months until new episodes return January 5. Curse you CW for giving us such a gripping and mind blowing episode and then leaving us waiting in anticipation.

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

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