The Vampire Diaries: Ghost World

Ghost World- Damon and Alaric Fitting for Halloween, the dead are rising from their graves. Anna, Lexi, and even Mason Lockwood are back. Considering Damon was the one who killed Mason, this isn’t the best news for Damon. He is trapped and tortured until he can reconcile for what he did. Despite their rivalry they might have a common goal that lies within the tomb.

Elena has been studying Stefan’s journals. Every time when he went off the deep end and reverted to his ripper ways, Lexi was there for him to bring him back. Elena thinks she’s the key to restoring Stefan. Jeremy is already enough of a mess with ghosts, especially after how bad things turned with Vicki. He’s hesitant to contact her, but it turns out that Jeremy isn’t the only connection to the ghost world any longer.

Ghost World- Lexi and Elena drain Stefan

Ghost World- Stefan

Lexi appears and kidnaps Stefan. She shows Elena what it takes to get through to him. They have to drain him of his blood lust, which is no easy task (Klaus would be proud with how far he’s come). The pain is so intense and it’s instinctual for him to hold on to what he’s become. He will do or say anything to be let go. Elena stands strong, although she wants to believe that he’s better and things could go back to the way they once were. It’s killing her, but she knows this is what she has to do. She only worries that Lexy won’t be able to complete the transformation by the time Bonnie closes the portal and vanishes the ghosts from this world.

I was so caught up with Anna this episode that Damon was more of an afterthought, which is a shocking statement for a Damon fan as big as me.  I absolutely love her character and Malese Jow’s delivery. Every second she’s on screen is so engaging I can’t peel my eyes away, I’m completely entranced. I love Jeremy too. He has really developed in to an interesting and complex character. Now he’s dealing with being a human with brushes of death always surrounding him and having so many people he loves knee-deep in supernatural crisis.

Ghost World- Anna

I was devastated when Anna died and it was hard for me to even conceive that she really was gone for awhile. This is the sign of a good character; when you have a similar reaction as if they were a real person. As great as Jeremy is, with Anna’s loneliness and so much still being left unknown to her, she deserves a little piece of happiness. She gets that with Jeremy even though everything isn’t fixed. The second he decided to forget about Bonnie and give in to his true feelings I could barely contain my excitement. At least we are given one long-awaited relationship. However, the door to the ghost world has been somewhat closed on Anna. There are a lot of things with her that haven’t been answered. She’s too good of a character to just throw away. I pray this won’t be the last we hear from her.

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

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