The Vampire Diaries: Do Not Go Gentle

Do Not Go Gentle- Rebekah and Klaus

Do Not Go Gentle puts Rebekah’s big plans in to motion, starting with a lookalike white oak stake which Klaus burns immediately. He thinks they are safe and is ready to move on, but Rebekah convinces him to stay just for the dance. Klaus is in the dark for once, but soon the truth comes out. Klaus and the Salvatores aren’t such enemies if even just for this one night.

Of course all of this happens at the school dance. Why they go to these and expect any less than complete carnage and mayhem I don’t know. The dance is a 20s theme courtesy of Rebekah. Klaus fondly reflects on the 20s with Stefan as this was when the two of them were with Rebekah having fun with the ripper and doing as they pleased no matter who it hurt in a brotherly companionship. This is not something Stefan can look back upon in the same way and as Damon lets him know, he already has a brother. Klaus brings up the point that their unbreakable bond might only take one decision on Elena’s part to sever for good.

Do Not Go Gentle- Elena and Stefan

Elena goes with Stefan to the dance unfortunately since she is exploring her feelings for him as well, Bonnie goes with Jamie, and Caroline with Tyler unexpectedly. Caroline fears for Tyler’s life and how risky it is if Klaus were to find out he wasn’t sired any longer. Tyler’s jealousy and rage are building in equal measure, unwilling to sit aside when his death could be right around the corner.

There’s development with Alaric’s situation, cluing us in on things that have been going on with each death he experienced. He might have been cheating death all of this time, but only because there was another purpose intended for him; one of uncompromising death to others by the command of another. He is essentially be a killing machine. They  fight it but when it comes down to it, the existence of all vampires and all of those created from vampires are at risk if he becomes what was intended to.

Alaric is a vampire hunter and has always had evil inside of him, something he is beginning to embrace more and more. The rings are bound to the real white ash stake; the only thing needed now is Elena’s blood. She would never willingly give it up. She would be killing every vampire in existence including Damon, Stefan, Caroline, and Tyler. Elena would be sealing Alaric’s fate as a monster once and for all as well. Considering she’s dealing with originals, Elena might not have a say in the matter; Alaric and the fate of all vampires might already be a done deal.

Do Not Go Gentle- Alaric and Damon

Do Not Go Gentle- Evil Alaric

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