The Vampire Diaries: Disturbing Behavior

This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was full of plenty of excitement, coming from so many directions. It seems once one disaster is averted there is another one around the corner; a standard of some of the show’s best episodes. Klaus’ sister, Rebekah, has been awakened and is now trying to catch up on all she’s missed  out in the past 90 years, including catching up with 21st century trends and trying to figure out if this is the same Stefan she knew nearly a century ago. Stefan’s ulterior motives come out when Katherine visits him; a dangerous move considering her history with Klaus. There were hunters after Klaus and Rebekah back in the 20’s. Stefan knows there’s more to this, why would an immortal original be afraid of a hunter? If there could be a vampire hunter out there that could even be a threat to Klaus, they all should be afraid.

Disturbing Behavior- Stefan and Katherine

Katherine is just interested in getting in on bringing Klaus down. He slaughtered her family, forced her to hide in fear, and turned her in to a monster. She embraced what she became, but she will always carry the damage. As she says though, Stefan is not the diabolical type and Klaus will always be smarter than him.  He learns this soon enough when Gloria, the witch they have tracking Rebekah’s lost necklace, is traced back to Stefan and Mystic Falls. She is seconds from figuring out where to find the original witch’s necklace, which means the secret about the doppelgänger being alive could be revealed, putting Elena, Damon, and everyone around them in grim danger.

Disturbing Behavior- Jeremy and Anna

I have been extremely excited about Anna being back on the show, definitely my favorite of Jeremy’s girlfriends and one of the most interesting vampires on the show. This is the first episode that she is more than a warning flash. She tells Jeremy she has been trying to get through to him for days. Anna is on the other side, looking in at Jeremy, all alone. She can only get through to Jeremy when he wants her to get through; when his mind is open to it. When Vicki gets through to him, she senses an approaching darkness, something she is desperate to keep Jeremy from. Now with Bonnie back, Anna’s presence might very well be restricted. There is still a lot we don’t know about Anna and Vicki’s state, something I am very interested in finding more out about. I’m sure there will plenty more intriguing material to go along with this.

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Damon gets a hold of Caroline’s father, compelling him to forget about Caroline and his original intentions to train her to reject her vampire nature. Of course, he takes certain liberties in the process. It soon turns out that Mr. Forbes is the only human Damon has ever crossed that has somehow made himself invulnerable to being compelled. He believes in the power of the mind if trained properly, which has clearly worked for him unbelievably enough. Now he’s out to expose Damon and take measures to protect Mystic Falls citizens from the vampire problem in town. This is enough to push Damon to what his nature has been screaming at him to do.

Disturbing Behavior- Elena

Elena’s obliviousness towards Damon is one thing, but it seems that everyone around her is against him. Despite everything that Damon has done for her, risking his life for her time and time again, just because he isn’t as morally conscience and broody as Stefan she receives endless judgment over him. Damon deserves Elena, but I have always worried that the writers would make him too soft, changing who his character is at his core in all of his thrilling, primal glory. Elena is trying to change him now that Stefan is gone, physically and emotionally. Luckily, Damon pointed out, “I am not Stefan. How about you stop trying to turn me in to him?” I would rather keep intact who Damon is over him being with Elena. He has always been the diabolical one, something that Katherine takes advantage of. Damon is just desperate to embrace who he is again and keep from suffocating in Mystic Falls. Of course, now that Rebekah and Klaus realize that Stefan is hiding something from them and have brought him back to Mystic Falls to taunt it out of him, Damon likely won’t be gone for long.

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

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