The Vampire Diaries: Crying Wolf

Since The Vampire Dairies has been back from the holiday break, the writers have really kicked it up a notch. The werewolf pack is a big part of this. The conflict and foreshadowing has been built up and now everything that has been set in place is finally unleashed full force. At the end of last week’s episode the werewolves were supposedly beaten, being forced out of Mystic Falls. Before they leave though they plan on getting what they came for and what Mason failed to hold on to; the moonstone.Crying Wolf- Tyler

Tyler learns the importance of the moonstone; it’s the key of breaking the sun and moon curse. Whoever breaks the curse, vampires or werewolves, their species will no longer be confined by the time of day it is. For Tyler this means his only escape from the monster he sees himself as now. For the rest of the werewolves, it means they could turn anytime they wanted to and their chance for total dominance of all vampires. Of course, when they stage the kidnapping they forget to mention the detail that Elena has to die, which would make Tyler a monster by choice. Now both sides have lied or tricked him. Is he just destined to be alone or deceived?

Bonnie hasn’t been in the last few episodes and I have to say it’s been nice. She actually plays a principle part in the information that is unveiled in this episode. Bonnie finally asks the right questions and takes action to find out the lies she has been fed. She finally sees the truth, including what Jeremy is to her. While I didn’t think Bonnie was a good enough replacement of the cool and fierce Anna, Jeremy still deserves a win.

There is barely a breath between last week’s torture scenario and this week’s. The werewolves don’t hesitate for a second. They’re determined to do whatever they have to, not just for revenge, but to beat the vampires in this full-fledged war they have brought out. This gives us yet another example of the true strength of the vampires. Last week, Caroline, the newest of the Mystic Falls vampires, showed great strength as she was tortured and held captive by the werewolves. That pain fueled her to never let it happen again.

Crying Wolf- Damon Tortured

Yet it still happened to Damon, the most powerful vampire on their side. Only Damon could be tortured and never for one second show any weaknesses or vulnerabilities. He never even appears to be a victim. As the blood flows from his immortal body, Damon never hesitates. He’s unbreakable, especially when Elena’s safety and the vampire species are at stake. Damon is fierce, brave, and shows that he will never give in.

There were a lot of interesting developments in this episode. We find more out about Elijah, Klaus, and Luka’s true intentions; all of which include what now seems to be Elena’s inevitable death. Elena is ready to face this as a consequence, standing by her agreement with Elijah, to do whatever she has to in order to keep the ones she loves safe, even if it means she has to be sacrificed.

Crying Wolf- Elena and Stefan

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

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