The Vampire Diaries: Children of the Damned

Children of the Damned- SalvatoresNow that Stefan has agreed to help Damon in his diabolical plan; unleashing Katherine and nearly two dozen other blood thirsty vampires locked by a powerful spell for  over a century, Damon puts Elena to work as well. Of course, he so delicately does this while Stefan and Elena are still in bed with one another. He claims they’re all essentially family now and it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before. He insists that since Elena is a Gilbert that she has to find Jonathon Gilbert’s journal, which will lead them to the answers in overpowering the curse and unleashing Katherine. Stefan knows how dangerous Damon. He knows not to give him the benefit of the doubt since every time he does it ends in disaster. Elena is determined to keep her friends, family, and town in one piece. Stefan and Elena work on what Damon asks of them while having their own agenda in mind.

They have a bit of trouble finding the journal though as Jeremy gave it to his history teacher, Alaric, who clearly has more interest in it than just historical studies. His wife was killed by a vampire. She studied supernatural activity, which led her straight to Mystic Falls. There are vampires around that even the Salvatores don’t know about; all of the entrapped vampires and a line of witches. Through this information we get, Alaric’s true identity and intentions are displayed.

A bulk of the episode takes place during the 1800’s before Damon and Stefan were turned in to vampires. Katherine was involved with both of them, both for her sexual and blood thirst desires. The boys’ father and many of the other town’s founders find out that there are vampires in the town and create an army of vampire hunters, expecting his sons to join in. Stefan thinks they should tell their father about Katherine, to show him that not all vampires are the monstrous beasts they think (although Katherine is no angel). Damon warns him not to, but it becomes clear soon that he shows too much sympathy for these creatures.

Children of the Damned- Katherine

It was interesting to see the dynamics between the original relationships and characters; what their lives were like then and how the first vampire outbreak in Mystic Falls began. What is really interesting about this flashback is seeing how Damon was before he was turned in to a vampire. He is actually a kind and gentle person, which is pretty much the opposite of the current vicious and completely self-interested Damon we know and can’t help but love. Seeing this comparison is funny since we get to see how different he was, but it’s also really intriguing as we understand that the power, hunger, and lone state of a vampire turned him to cynicism, revenge, and brutality. I really hope they develop this more, and go in to how he made this transformation.

Children of the Damned- Katherine and Damon

Towards the end of the episode Damon actually seems genuinely hurt by Elena, making it seem like chasing after her wasn’t about proving his allure or beating his brother. Yet now that she has gotten on his bad side, he has no reason to be gentle with her any longer. He forces both her and Stefan in to an uncomfortable situation, declaring them enemies. Damon is the last person (or vampire) you want as an enemy.

Children of the Damned- Gilbert Diary

At the end of the episode two partners in crime agree to work towards the same goal, which could be potentially disastrous, but is also quite perfect. They are both in it for themselves and they know it. They also are clearly very powerful and will stop at nothing to get what they want. No matter how it ends, there is guaranteed to be some very enticing material to come from it. The crazy mastermind plan isn’t so far off from happening and it’s turning in to something that might even be inevitable.

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

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