The Vampire Diaries: Break on Through

Break on Through- Elena and Damon

Last week’s episode ended with Elena freaking out when seeing Stefan feeding on someone and Damon by his side. There is further confrontation on Elena’s disapproval of this where she comes off completely self-righteous and judgmental. She has decided to put up a wall against Damon for whatever reason. She doesn’t accept what he is and she really doesn’t accept what Stefan is either. Elena is “not giving up on him”, meaning she wants him to be a human living in a vampire’s skin. She doesn’t want him to be what he is, what they both are; vampires. They need human blood to survive. It is in their nature to be embracing of their blood lusting, alluring mentality. Even if you were to take any joy or pride out of it, they still need blood to survive. End of story. There is no reason Elena should have been this upset by them doing what they need for basic survival, the most minimal definition of their nature.

Elena has been colder towards Damon and it’s escalating to annoying levels. Generally, I love her character. She’s strong, loyal, and cunning, actually being competition in the vampire-eat-vampire world she is often the center of when death is constantly around the corner. There are many things I respect about her, but she needs to fully embrace this world or at least the Salvatores. She’s wasting her breath when there are much bigger things going on she could be focusing her energy on.

I have been pushing for Elena and Damon since I read the first book and the chemistry has only ignited further in the show. It has been that much more powerful this season in particular. At this point, she really doesn’t deserve him though. The one good thing about their interaction was that Damon stood his own. It wasn’t really even about them. Damon is completely matter of fact; they’re vampires and this is the reality of their existence. Throughout the episode he holds on to his snarky, devious self, not letting Elena have a hold on him.

Break on Through- Damon and Sage

After the first scene Elena seems to be almost the last thing on Damon’s mind. He sees Sage again for the first time in ages. She is a 900 year-old vampire who had quite the sway on Damon in the past. They quickly start back up where they left off; tag teaming Rebekah. Rebekah and Sage loath each other and Sage is suspicious of why she is hanging around Damon so much. Damon suspects that there’s something she wants from him, he just doesn’t know what. He’s humoring her in the mean time until he can figure it out.

Sage has a plan to move this along. Damon doesn’t think she can be touched since Rebekah’s an original, but Sage devices a plan that takes advantage of her desires to get her to let her guard down. This leads to a very steamy set of scenes between Damon, Sage, and Rebekah. Of course, this is The Vampire Diaries so no one’s intentions are ever what they seem at first glance.

Break on Through- Sage and Damon Break on Through- Rebekah and Damon

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