The Vampire Diaries: Brave New World

Brave New World- Caroline's RebornBrave New World opens up on a surreal scene. Caroline wakes up to an empty, dark hospital. She wanders around, something drawing her farther. She’s told Elena visited her last night, but she remembers that she said her name was Katherine. This triggers what drew her out of her bed in the first place; blood. Caroline is changed forever. She craves blood and will do anything to get it. She picks up on a few of Damon’s compulsion tricks, only making her feel worse about herself. All of the memories that Damon erased from her mind when they were together suddenly come racing back. She knows all of the torment he put her through, and worse she realizes they are now the same being.

Stefan wants to deal with some of the many problems on hand, but Elena is insistent on relying on normalcy. Bonnie and her are putting all of their efforts in to the school carnival since Caroline is still in the hospital. The carnival is a success, but there are plenty of other problems. Once Caroline realizes her strength she busts out of the hospital pretty quickly. First on her to do list is to guilt trip and taunt Damon while delivering Katherine’s message, “Game on”. Damon is sure that her existence is going to be disastrous to exposing their kind. Her being spiteful towards him for how he used and manipulated her can’t be good either, not that she would be any match for him, but still better safe than sorry. Elena and Stefan are determined to keep her alive and help her through this where they failed with Vicki. For once Elena’s insistence isn’t enough.

Brave New World- Damon, Elena, and Caroline

Considering Bonnie’s hate for vampires it’s not surprising how she freaks when she finds out about Caroline. Something dark that has been brewing in her comes out. She goes beyond just torturing Damon through the mind. She plans to make good on her warning to him not to hurt anyone else. Speaking of Damon’s long list of enemies, after Damon tried to kill him last week, Jeremy comes after Damon, wooden stake in hand (an idea which Stefan actually accidentally placed in his mind). The two end up having a touching moment of understanding. Considering both of their family’s history and the rebellious turn they took when faced with death, it’s not surprising, but you never would have thought they really had anything in common until you think about it. It’s a nice moment…odd, but nice.

Brave New World- Mason and Tyler Lockwood

The Lockwood secret is coming very close to the surface. It sounds like it will be confirmed by next week’s episode, which could lead us to some enticing material. The supernatural quota might be filled soon since there is plenty of supernatural activity going on in Mystic Falls. Everyone expects Damon to be a mess over Katherine. Personally, I didn’t expect him to be vulnerable as much as angry and cold blooded, turning his back on everyone but himself. He distracts himself with remaining on the good side of the vampire council and trying to figure out just what the Lockwoods are.

Honestly, this felt more like a series premiere than last week’s episode did. There were plenty of life or death (or undead) situations, secrets being unleashed, and dark forces at work. The opening scene in particular blew me away. The cold and dead feel of the hospital made it seem like anything (such as Katherine) could be lurking at any corner. Instead, it wasn’t what could be out there, but what was already inside of Caroline. They lingered on the shot of the blood, Caroline obviously not wanting to give in, but ultimately unable to resist. When she gives in to her blood lust, it is completely barbaric. This is so opposite of Caroline in every way that it’s great seeing this new part of her awakened. Of course, the plan seems to be for her to learn Stefan’s ways of control and morality. I’ll take whatever primitive blood sucking Caroline moments that we can get, she’s sure to slip up a few times.

Brave New World- Caroline and Stefan

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