The Vampire Diaries: Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising- Damon, Elena, and AlaricAs promised we learn the true nature of the Lockwood family, something even Tyler didn’t know; they’re lycanthropes. It’s kind of funny considering what Damon is and all that he has seen in his undead life that this is something that he just doesn’t seem to be able to wrap his head around. I did think it was a little weird in last week’s episode when the Salvatores didn’t seem to think this to be a possibility. As a supernatural being who has been in existence for over a century, is it really possible that he never saw a werewolf? The Salvatore brothers were part of one of the founding families in Mystic Falls just as the Lockwoods were, which makes it all the more strange.

Apparently, werewolves were slaughtered by vampires nearly to extinction. The werewolf bite is fatal to vampires. They couldn’t allow something that could make them so vulnerable to roam freely in the same world as them. There are very few left, but the Lockwood family are ones who managed to survive. This does finally give us the explanation of why they were affected by the attack on the vampires, the supernatural element is still there even if they’re a different breed. In the books, they found out about Tyler (who very well knew exactly what he was), Stefan saved the day, which brought Stefan and Elena together. They were weary of him, but that was about it. It’s a much bigger issue here.

Bad Moon Rising- Caroline

Of course, werewolves aren’t even their only problem. Katherine disappeared for most of the last two weeks, even though we surely saw the effects of her work with Caroline’s new undead form. She is still around and has plenty up her sleeve. Caroline herself is clearly a danger; she’s already spilled the blood of the innocent more than once. Stefan is determined to keep her on the side of light and help her fight the dark urges inside of her. She’s cracking jokes about going bunny rabbit hunting while Stefan is scolding her to take this seriously. We find out that it isn’t just Stefan’s moral code that makes him so stuffy. He was a caring person as a human, which was magnified as a vampire, making it harder for him to kill aimlessly and give in to his nature.

Bad Moon Rising- Stefan takes Caroline Hunting

The same goes for Caroline; “So you’re saying that now I’m basically an insecure, neurotic, control-freak, on crack?” I think her storyline could get really interesting. It’s clear that she is heading more towards the darkness than the light and I would love to see where that takes her. Especially since she was an enemy in the books, maybe she won’t be a friend too much longer.

Bonnie seems to already be seeing Caroline as her enemy. I never would have believed this in the books, but I actually think I like Caroline better than Bonnie. Caroline might be self-involved and shallow, but her turning in to a vampire is already expanding her horizons even if all of those flaws are magnified. I guess her and Matt didn’t stand much of a chance, that would be a challenge for any guy to have all those emotions and flaws that much stronger. Caroline and Damon would be perfect for each other now, they dated far too soon. Then there’s the whole issue of him wanting her dead.

I am really starting to not like Bonnie’s character. She has been mad and bitter long enough. I miss the fun, easy going, and enthusiastic Bonnie of the books; someone who was a real friend to Elena and with her until the end. She’s just so cold in the show, even towards friends she’s been close to her entire life. Now that vampires are in the equation their friendship apparently means nothing. I just hope they at least take some small steps to making her a more bearable character. There’s always the option of making her a villain and a character we love to hate. Or kill her off. One or the other.

Bonnie’s not the only one who’s cold. Elena spends a good part of the episode going on a road trip with Damon and Alaric to find out the truth about the Lockwoods. She has her own personal agenda, doing whatever she has to, including using Damon to find out anything she can about Katherine. Damon comes clean and tells her the truth about what happened with Jeremy. Elena tells them there is no hope for their friendship. He realizes she was just playing with him to get what she wanted. Now that she has it, she has no use for him. He tells her, “You and Katherine have a lot more in common than just your looks”. Ouch.

Bad Moon Rising- Elena and Damon

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