The Vampire Diaries: As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying- Damon and ElenaThe ever so appropriately titled, As I Lay Dying, is the perfect way to end the season. A lot from the previous episode is resolved, delved in to deeper, and so many things are just now surfacing. It already has me extremely excited for season 3, especially because it seems to completely stray from the books, any of the books. Depending on how things progress forward, this change could be very enticing. Damon goes through a number of realizations and his relationship with Elena is strengthened, something I am also eager to see go forward. He has just gone through so much and there is really no telling how he will process and deal with everything.

Damon was pretty far removed from himself in some moments, pleading for death. He has always embraced his eternal youth, strength, and snarky, self-righteous mentality. Damon turns his back on all of that, desperate for death, to end everything that he holds so dear. Katherine went through the same thing. It was even odder coming from her, considering all the people she has abandoned for her own self-preservation. When enough pain and slow suffering is forced through your veins, anyone can lose the strength to keep fighting.

As I Lay Dying- Damon with Elena

I tend to be a Damon-focused viewer, but the real notable potential lies in Stefan. I’m enthralled by the direction I’m sure he will be going. He will be conflicted and he’s still the Stefan we know, but there is a hint of something hidden inside of him that is thirsting to get out. We have seen flashes of the demon inside, one that may never truly die.

Brotherhood and family loyalties are the driving force for everything that happens in this episode. In some cases, it makes our characters do things they would never do otherwise, allowing them to be turned in to something entirely different to hold on to their loyalties. In other cases, it means nothing, personal loyalties reign supreme.

Klaus is very different from how I envisioned him in the books. He’s far more charismatic and cunning than expected. He still holds on to the vindictive pleasure through power and toying with others completely; seeing others squirm clearly giving him great joy. Klaus has achieved true immortality, having the best of both worlds as a werewolf-vampire super creature. The existence of his character’s nature is a pretty thrilling thing as a supernatural fan. They thought Klaus was unstoppable before, now our protagonists really stand no chance at all. As long as Klaus stays entertained, they’re safe. Of course, he just wouldn’t be Klaus if he didn’t leave plenty of memorable destruction in his path as he plays puppet master.

As I Lay Dying-Klaus

As I Lay Dying- Hunger Stefan

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