My Bloody Birthday: Blood & Shadows

by | Jun 6, 2020 | Horror, Photo Shoot

“Blood dripping from her eyes, unable to deny the inevitable fact that nothing would be the same, she let herself mourn for all she endured, for the girl she once was, for the limiting box she had been held captive in her whole life. But quickly righteous anger and primal strength was replacing it, fueling her; allowing her to become something more. As her body contorted, she relished in the pain and the chance to leave it all behind, to rise as she melted in to the monster she once feared so completely.”

Written by Kelsey Zukowski

The original concept for this shoot was to capture different stages of anguish, fear, and escalating horror, playing heavily with shadows and capturing dramatic emotion. It just so happened that we would be shooting on my birthday so we decided to incorporate a horror/ birthday aspect as well, using the poster for the slasher film, Bloody Birthday (1981), as inspiration. We experimented with a few different looks from there in different stages of exploring emotion, struggle, and darkness.

Photography By: Sean Laine Photo

MUA: Jaxx Marr

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

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