Kyle XY: Season 2

Kyle XY Season 2Starring: Matt Dallas, April Matson, Chris Olivero, Kirsten Prout
Created By: Eric Bress, J. Mackye Gruber
Grade: B+

Kyle XY is one of ABC Family’s best shows to date. It has compelling  characters that are continually developed and become easier to care  for as the series goes on. Kyle XY is an intriguing mix of mystery of a corrupted conspiracy and teen/family drama. This hybrid works well alongside the comedy in the innocence of our protagonist experiencing everything for the first time.

Kyle (Dallas) woke up one day with no memory of anything. He was labeled as an amnesia victim and handed over to psychiatrist, Nicole Tragger (MacIntyre). Since he has no other place to go, she brought him to her home. She felt for him deeply and wanted to help him. The rest of the Traggers end up embracing Kyle and making him part of their family. They always suspected there was something very different about him. He’s a genius with a photographic memory and unconceivable hearing abilities. There are many simple things about the world around him that he doesn’t know; he is taking new things in every day. Weirdest of all, he doesn’t have a belly button. Josh, (Bilodeau), keeps a notebook of all of the abnormal things Kyle does and has a theory that Kyle is an alien. Kyle searches for answers about his past. He finally finds them when two people come to see him, claiming to be his parents. A blood test even proves this. Kyle goes with them only to find his real parent: Adam Baylin (Peck).

Kyle XY- Kyle and Declan

Adam created Kyle years ago under a company that has turned to corruption encompassed with employees void of any sympathy that they are dealing with human lives. They thought Kyle was dead just as they thought Adam was. It turns out that Kyle wasn’t the only DNA experiment they successfully completed. Jessi XX has now been released, filled with false memories and programmed to get close to Kyle and his family to get him where they want him. They crave the knowledge that Kyle possesses and plan on obtaining it at all costs.  Before long they have connections to him through nearly every one of the Treggers; thus endangering them as well.

Adam Baylin coaches Kyle on strengthening his abilities even further until he is  attacked. Kyle decides that he needs to go back to the Treggers since that will always be his real home. An associate of  Baylin’s who has been watching out for Kyle since day one, Tom Foss (Lea), tells him if he goes back he can’t tell them anything or they will be in danger and Kyle will be  exposed. Foss continues training him endlessly, but Kyle finds himself caring more about being a normal teenager than defying the capabilities of the human mind.

Kyle XY- Tregger FamilyIt becomes harder and harder to keep things from the Treggers.  Kyle’s friend, Declan (Olivero), is the one person he has told everything to. He holds back on telling him about all of the new complications in his life, turning Declan in to an untrusting and somewhat bitter person. This destroys Declan’s relationship with Lori Tregger (Matson), Kyle’s sister. Jessi, who is easily angered, often causing earthquakes, takes a particular interest in Kyle after  throwing herself at Declan the day before. Kyle is finally with Amanda (Prout), the girl of his dreams and literally the girl next  door. Since Jessi is the same as Kyle, she is one of the few people who knows his secrets. Amanda isn’t though and starts questioning if something is going on between Jessi and Kyle. Meanwhile, Jessi shows off her abilities in her attempt to be accepted, putting both her and Kyle at risk.

Matt Dallas really grew in to his character this season. In the first season, he spoke more robotically and his words were more detached. This worked and fit the character since he was just learning how to talk and everything really was completely new to  him. Still, it was slightly distracting at times. Dallas takes on a more matured tone that makes it easier to see him in his  surroundings. Dallas is extremely sharp and likable as Kyle. April Matson of the short lived show, “Quintuplets”, does very well as  Lori. It’s a completely different character for her and I didn’t even recognize her at first. She nails the cynical teenager bit while having enough character and compassion to avoid the teenage stereotype. It also helps that there is reason for her cynicism as we go through the troubles with her that bring her to this place.

ABC Family#01258

Magda Apanowicz plays the quirky, sarcastic Andy. She has great  presence and is a lot of fun, yet also captures some of the more  traumatic moments her character goes through wonderfully. Jean-Luc Bilodeau is  very funny as Josh, the youngest Tragger. Bilodeau and Apanowicz work great together as they display similar humor, but can tackle  the serious moments when they need to. Kirsten Prout is charming and extremely likeable as Amanda. Prout has great chemistry with Dallas, allowing us to cheer for them every step of the way. Jaimie  Alexander as Jessi brings out a high-strung stubbornness. She displayed just enough vulnerability for her to seem realistic and somewhat human while still nearly being a villain, constantly  getting in the way and complicating already complicated matters.  Chris Olivero really brought out the tension, emotion, and undying loyalty and determination his character was going through.

Kyle XY is an extremely interesting show that is always going in a new direction with plenty of twists, catching you off guard. It takes its’ unique premise and utilizes youthful insight, great suspense, and an unraveling criminal plotting. The characters are genuine, well developed, and a lot of fun to watch. Kyle XY is a  compelling, fresh show with enjoyable characters and exciting  storylines.

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

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