The Vampire Diaries: Know Thy Enemy

Know Thy Enemy- Isobel and ElenaAfter another all too long hiatus from The Vampire Diaries, the show has returned. I was a little let down that once again the writers had built up this great momentum only for the show to disappear. There was so much exciting and compelling material going on. Luckily, Know Thy Enemy got right back in to the action. As a common theme with The Vampire Diaries, in this episode deceptions run wild. Aside from the Elena-Stefan-Damon team, just about every single person was deceiving the other in one way or another, resulting in plenty of surprises along the way.

When the most powerful vampire in the world is getting closer and closer to what he has wanted all along everyone is so fearful; they will do just about anything to stop him.  Most of the characters, such as Katherine, are out to protect themselves; it’s just a game of weighing the best option for survival. History has told us not to trust a number of these characters, but it is more the relationships that are genuine that are so easily betrayed and even more so the characters you wouldn’t expect. As far as we knew they didn’t even know the supernatural world around them existed. Everyone has their own angle.

Know Thy Enemy- Katherine

Know Thy Enemy- Damon

In the last episode Caroline revealed her secret to Matt; what she was. He blew up at her about Vikki and had since gone missing. Caroline is desperate to find him at all costs, to try to explain. He feels betrayed and alone. His sister is dead and no one but him seems to care. Matt can’t stand that her death was covered up and can’t help but see Caroline as her killer, simply for being one of them.

Know Thy Enemy- Bonnie and Jeremy

Bonnie will never be among my favorite characters on the show, but at least she is letting go of her hatred of vampires somewhat, or at least putting it aside. When she becomes so consumed with hate her character has nothing to offer. In this episode she shows a better piece of herself. She looks death right in the face and welcomes it if it means using her powers for something with purpose. Now Bonnie is their best weapon and holds one of the few existing secrets left. Not only has she regained her powers, but now she holds the powers of 100 witches burned at the Salem Witch Trials.

Klaus has finally shown his face, surprisingly enough through an already familiar face. For some there is nowhere left to run. I am thrilled to finally see his character in action after all the talk of the fear of him and all that he can do. He was without a doubt the most enticing villain, aside from Damon in the beginning of course. Damon had a clear power over Elena, but the natural attraction is what really made it more terrifying; how much she already wanted to give in to him. In Klaus’ case, he is pure evil. He certainly doesn’t plan on Elena being his Queen of Darkness, he only wants to torment and toy with her. I am really excited to see how they bring Klaus to life and the havoc he will bring.

Kelsey Zukowski is a horror actress/ writer and internationally published alternative model who gravitates towards dark, complex material full of thematic exploration.

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